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色就色 综合偷拍区-WorldSkills builds confidence, empowers communities, and helps to fuel economies.

  • Skills create opportunities and connect societies. They are the foundation of economic progress

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  • 国产福利视频第一导航-We inspire young people to develop a passion for skills and pursuing excellence, through competitions and promotions.

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    日日鲁夜夜啪在线视频-We develop skills through global training standards, benchmarking systems, and enhancing industry engagement.

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    色就色 综合偷拍区-We influence industry, government, and educators through cooperation and research — building a global platform of skills for all.




            Our skills competitions measure excellence, celebrate Champions, and encourage hundreds of thousands of young people to turn their passions into a profession.

            Competitions, alongside the WorldSkills Conference, are the main ways that we promote skills globally.

            色就色 综合偷拍区-Our story

            Watch the stories of four Competitors at WorldSkills Abu Dhabi 2017

            国产福利视频第一导航-Skills Change Lives

            Turn your passion into a profession. Start today!



            Our Members assist young people to access training and find new jobs. The WorldSkills Standards Specifications are just one of the first-rate tools that we provide to help develop those training systems.



            WorldSkills is the global hub of skills. We bring together and influence educators, industry, national governments, and international organizations. We facilitate salient research and provide the best global benchmark for vocational systems.


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